Carlos D. Szembek

Publications: Art       

2000 “Video Art”

                     Reader’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Studies                                   Fitzroy-Dearborn Publishers, Chicago, IL

       1996 “oro: an oral performance"

                     Cultronix Electronic Magazine


Publications: Science      

2011 “Characterizing Emissions and Air Quality Impacts

                        of Oil Field Flares”

                     Heinold, D., S. Carcieri and C. Szembek

                     Air Water Management Association (AWMA)

                     2011 Conference Proceedings

2010 “Application of the EPA's Total Risk Integrated

                     Methodology (TRIM) to Elevated Point Sources”

                     Szembek, C. and D. Heinold

                     2010 AWMA Conference Proceedings

       2006 “Modified complex Robert-Bonamy formalism

                        calculations for strong to weak interacting systems"

                     Antony, B., P. Gamache, C. Szembek, D. Niles,

                        R. Gamache                                          

                      Molecular Physics, v. 104



       1998 “Allographies” Exhibition Review

                     Brenda Mitchell; Contemporary Impressions

       1997 Allographies Exhibition catalogue

                     Michael Slavin; Introductory essay

                     “Microbes Everywhere”

                     Laura Evenson; San Francisco Chronicle

       1996 “Diverse & Unified Look at Sexual Minorities”

                     Graham Shearing; Pittsburgh Tribune

                     “Local trio’s exhibit makes playful, serious”

                     Mary Thomas; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

                     Regional Focus Exhibition catalogue              Jack Tilton, Curator and introductory essay    

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